Postdoc on values of nature. Deadline 15th May

Dear everyone 


We are very happy to announce that the Ecosystems and Sustainability Research Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (IIES-UNAM) has open the call for a postdoctoral position on the 'Integration of multiple values into decision making across scales, from global to local scales'

The selected candidate will explore how multiple values of nature and it's contributions to people have been incorporated in decision-making across scales. Its main purpose is to recognize and suggest mechanisms or processes to explicitly incorporate multiple values of nature at a range of scales in agreement with the conceptual proposal of IPBES. 

The position is composed by a part-time technical component as part of the IPBES TSU on Values and a part-time research component supervised by Patricia Balvanera (IIES-UNAM) and Unai Pascual (BC3).

Interested candidates must contact David González, Project Official of the TSU on Values (

Feel free to share this call within your networks. 


You can use this link to access all the instructions


All the best!

Patty and David